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[Done] Core fix request - xoft - 05-16-2013

Could any of the plugin devs consider making Core more user-friendly, by having the "Manage plugins" page sort the plugins alphabetically by their name?

RE: Core fix request - NiLSPACE - 05-17-2013

i'd like to try it but i have no idea how it works ;(. If lua could get a list of directory's then i could maybe rewrite it somehow but as for now i think FakeTruth knows the most about the "Manage plugins" tab since he created it (if i remember correctly).

RE: Core fix request - xoft - 05-17-2013

It already lists both the active and the inactive plugins, so there's no need to reinvent the wheel here, just make the output sorted - store everything in a table and then sort it before outputting it.

Maybe even sort active plugins first, alphabetically, then a divider, and inactive plugins, again alphabetically.

RE: Core fix request - NiLSPACE - 05-18-2013

Done in r1488 Wink i had an idea how to do this while i had an test for math at school Wink

RE: Core fix request - xoft - 05-18-2013

Yup, programming is that addictive Wink
And you committed it just as I was researching how to do that Smile