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The Gallery server - xoft - 02-14-2014

Hi all,

 this server lets you build stuff that you want included in the world generator, such as village houses, trees, temples, anything really. It will be a gallery of content that Cuberite will know how to generate.

 I therefore welcome anyone to come visit, and build an exhibit or two, or ten, and have a chance to get yourself immortalized in the Cuberite's generator.

 The server uses the Gallery plugin, and you'll need to learn a few commands to get around:

 Start by saying "/gal list". This will show you the names of the various galleries available on the server. Then you can visit the galleries to have a look around what the others have built - just do "/gal visit <GalleryName>" and you'll be taken to the gallery.
 If you decide to build something, you'll need to get yourself an area. You can do so by exclaiming "/gal claim <GalleryName>". A new area will be allotted to you and you will be teleported to it.
 To navigate between your areas, the "/gal goto <AreaName>" will teleport you to your area of the specified name. And "/gal my" will help you remember those names, or you can "/gal name <NewName>" them at your will.
 If you've found something nice from someone else but don't like a specific detail, you can request a new area filled with that something. Then you can change the detail and compare yours to the original. This is called forking, so the command is "/gal fork"; say it within the area you want to fork.
 You can also allow friends to help you build on your area by inviting them with "/gal allow <FriendName>", uttered within that area. You can also later deny that allowance using "/gal deny <FormerFriendName>".

 Last, but not least, always consider what impact the structure you're building will have on the gameplay if it gets generated. Don't build chests full of diamonds, or blacksmith with 20 anvils; keep it low so that the resources are just about right for a survival world.

 Legalese: By building on this server, you agree that your builds can be used as-is or modified by anyone in the source code of Cuberite under the Apache license.

 The server's world is backed up daily and the backups are made freely available online at so that anyone can make a copy of the server and export the areas as they need, or just copy any area to their own world.

 Server address:
 Port: 25565 (default)
 Protocol versions: 1.8 - 1.12.x
 Authentication: on
 Server HW: RaspBerry Pi (gen 1) model B
 World backups:

Vote for us on

RE: The Gallery server - tigerw - 02-14-2014

hehe, /gal deny <former friend name>Tongue

Why d'ya disable redstone?

RE: The Gallery server - SamJBarney - 02-14-2014

May I make a suggestion? I've been wanting to build a house, but then destroy it to get a good ruins look. Would it be possible to make a single plot be able to use TNT temporarily?

RE: The Gallery server - xoft - 02-14-2014

Redstone is disabled because it could be used for griefing (make a piston push stuff over to the neighbor; STR even managed to "steal" blocks that way using sticky pistons). We couldn't think of any other way to easily stop this. It even helps with the performance, the server being on a RasPi.

There's no way for a plugin to control the blast radius of an explosion, it could destroy the sidewalk or even the neighboring area, that's why all explosions were disabled. I'm afraid you'll have to make ruins manually. It's even better done that way, because unlike after explosions, you can scatter the "leftover" blocks around. Have a looks at STR_Warrior's area Plains 33 ("/gal goto @STR_Warrior Plains 33"), he did a pretty good job of ruining a granary.

RE: The Gallery server - NiLSPACE - 02-15-2014

And don't forget you can use WorldEdit Smile

RE: The Gallery server - Howaner - 02-15-2014

I can't join the server.
"Failed to authenticate account!"

I have a Premium Account and can join other premium servers ...

RE: The Gallery server - NiLSPACE - 02-15-2014

It seems some servers are down. Nothing we can do about it. Mojang probably fixes it soon.

RE: The Gallery server - xoft - 02-17-2014

Well, I have to say, I was expecting a bit more enthusiasm about this. Only some 4 areas have been added since the server went public. Come on, where are all the builders?

RE: The Gallery server - NiLSPACE - 02-17-2014

We could try posting the server on other websites.

RE: The Gallery server - xoft - 02-18-2014

The server is down temporarily due to a crash and recompile.

The server's back up.