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Happy new year! - NiLSPACE - 01-01-2015

This is probably the last time I'm on my PC before 0:00, so:

I wish everyone a Happy new year

Oh and I've changed my name to NiLSPACE Wink

RE: Happy new year! - xoft - 01-01-2015

Happy new year

RE: Happy new year! - tonibm19 - 01-01-2015

Happy new year!!!

RE: Happy new year! - FakeTruth - 01-02-2015

Best wishes to everybody Smile

RE: Happy new year! - wudles - 01-02-2015

Happy New Year! We made it around the sun one more time!

RE: Happy new year! - sphinxc0re - 01-02-2015

Happy new year. Good luck for everyone!

PS: NiLSPACE is a really nice name!

RE: Happy new year! - NiLSPACE - 01-01-2016

I'm not sure if I'm online within now and the new year, so happy new year in advanced guys Smile

RE: Happy new year! - Seadragon91 - 01-01-2016

Happy new year to you all, tooBig Grin

RE: Happy new year! - xoft - 01-01-2016

Happy new year, let's hope 2016 will be better than 2015.

RE: Happy new year! - ThuGie - 01-01-2016

Happy new year guysBig Grin.