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MCArena Release 1.2! (KitPvP!) - DiamondToaster - 03-15-2015

A complete kit-PvP plugin.


*Queue line
*User-friendly arena creation
*Multi-dimension/multi-world support
*Kits (obviously)
*WorldGuard-like functionality (protects arenas from being griefed, needs a little work though.)


+Clears inventory of player if he logs out during combat as punishment
+Fixed many spectate bugs
+Players can now fly in spectate
+Optional peaceful mode (disallows PvP outside of arenas)
+Fixed config folder issue

Refer here for documentation:


And remember, PLEASE report any bugs to me through a PM or a GitHub issue, I can't fix bugs that I don't know about!

RE: MCArena Beta (KitPvP!) - NiLSPACE - 03-15-2015

I suggest using the Info.lua. You can put all your documentation and commands there and let the InfoDump generate documentation for the plugin and the InfoReg registrate all your commands.

RE: MCArena Beta (KitPvP!) - DiamondToaster - 03-15-2015

I will definatly get to that once I have the major stuff that needs to be worked out done. Smile

RE: MCArena Beta (KitPvP!) - pikachu784 - 03-15-2015

Great job! Thanks for developing the plugin, it helps adoption and usage for MCServer! Wink

RE: MCArena Beta (KitPvP!) - DiamondToaster - 03-15-2015

No problem! I love open source software. I use it and feel as if it would be nice to contribute back to the community. Big Grin

RE: MCArena Beta (KitPvP!) - DiamondToaster - 03-16-2015

I'm pleased to announce that after several hours of hand-cramp inducing typing this morning, MCArena is out of beta and is now my first official release/full plugin!. Big Grin

RE: MCArena Release 1.0! (KitPvP!) - NiLSPACE - 03-16-2015

NiceBig Grin You are able to use the Info.lua file to generate a post for this and for the github readme. HungerGames is also using a generated post for both the forum and the github readme.

RE: MCArena Release 1.0! (KitPvP!) - DiamondToaster - 03-16-2015

I should probably do that. Tongue Not sure how to automatically generate those, but I have the power of Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Tongue I didn't post it directly on the GitHub readme because it doesn't like the way I format text. It would often ignore new lines. Not really sure what to do about that. Sad

RE: MCArena Release 1.0! (KitPvP!) - Jammet - 03-18-2015

Could I sort of create a PvP bubble with this, on my PVP=0 server? So when people enter a specific area, PVP=1 automatically?

RE: MCArena Release 1.0! (KitPvP!) - DiamondToaster - 03-18-2015

I may need to do small modifications to the plugin to allow PvP in peaceful worlds, but it shouldn't be too hard. Smile