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Random spawn - Boo - 04-16-2015

Hi, i need the plugin for random spawn players on map.

Please, help me to get this pluginAngel

Sorry for my english

RE: Random spawn - xoft - 04-16-2015

So what exactly should this plugin do?

Let the admin define a list of spawning points and spawn new players in one of those predefined places? Or each player spawns in a completely random place? Any limits about how far apart each such random place should be?

RE: Random spawn - Boo - 04-16-2015

i need what players spawn random in map after dead, and at the first login on server.

RE: Random spawn - Boo - 04-19-2015

up. Any Help me?

RE: Random spawn - Schwertspize - 11-30-2015

actually this one is pretty old. basically you want people to spawn on a random (already generated?) location. right? so the plugin must hook at PlayerSpawning or PlayerDeath, get a list of generated chunks and move the player to one of these chunks. should not be too hard

RE: Random spawn - NiLSPACE - 12-01-2015

I don't think it's currently possible to get a list of all chunks that were generated. It is possible to loop through a list of all loaded chunks though.

RE: Random spawn - LogicParrot - 12-01-2015

Alternatively, move the player to a random spot in a specified region.

RE: Random spawn - the1robert - 03-30-2018

This is the first time I've ever tried to do anything in LUA, but I managed to get a mostly working RandomTeleport plugin and I modified the Signin plugin to randomteleport new players when they /login. It will also set the spawn after dying point to the new location, so if they die they don't get lost.

Essentially, what this does it put every new player in their own area instead of starting everybody in the same spot.
Also, if the first teleport doesn't work, or you don't like what you got you can type /rtp to RandomlyTeleport again.

Note that you have to give the "Default" group (or whatever group your new users go into)
the permission for RandomTeleport "randomTP.rtp" and the permission for Signin "signin2.core"

I also included the Chatter plugin, so that the player messages are in color. They are easy to miss all in white.

It's not perfect, but it works pretty well for me and I didn't see anybody else working on it it so....

RE: Random spawn - Lain - 08-04-2019

I made one that just spawns you at a random point, it is really really basic but should be pretty easy to modify
if you want it to function on first login you might need a database or somthing to store all that have previously logged in.

The random location could be in a base depending on config and circumstances, the calculation for is its a openarea is a bit much for a initial release. Hope it helps anyways!

Trying out making lua plugins so I did this as more of an excersise.

Github link!

RE: Random spawn - xoft - 08-04-2019

@Lain, your code will probably not work properly. GetUniqueID() returns an ID that is only guaranteed to be unique in the current Cuberite session, there's no guarantee that the player will receive the same ID when they log out and in again (most likely they will not get the same ID). Your DB should store the player's UUID (cPlayer:GetUUID()) instead.