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MCServer history? - LogicParrot - 05-02-2015

How did it all start? Who was/is behind the initial idea? When did you guys came into the picture? etc.

RE: MCServer history? - NiLSPACE - 05-02-2015

How it started
To sum it up: the initial creator was FakeTruth. He started it all, but it was closed source because he liked to work on it on his own. Sadly after a while he didn't have enough time to work on it anymore, and as a result he made MCServer open source. (But that's a good thing Smile) Fake has a small text on his website about what MCServer is and why he started it:

How did I join
I joined at the end of 2011 because I was searching with my brother for a faster Minecraft server. We both created a redstone elevator, but the Minecraft server was too slow and we kept falling down. Eventualy I found MCServer. It was the only non-java Minecraft server that supported a little redstone, so I tried it out. And 4 years (and a bit) later I'm still here ^^

RE: MCServer history? - tonibm19 - 05-02-2015

I joined 2 years ago I think.
I found it in minecraftforum searching for a faster server, because I was hosting a java server with my friends, and it was laggy. I was a total noob (I didn't know anything about compiling or lua scripting) and I left it, until one day, surfing the internet at school (I teorycally was working) I returned here and saw bearbin's build service, and I started to use MCServer. Then, reporting bugs, learning about core dumps, compiling, lua scripting (even made some plugins), I'm still here.
And I'm happy about it, otherwise I would still be a total noob.

RE: MCServer history? - LogicParrot - 05-02-2015

I found MCServer at the beginning of 2014. I wanted to run a minecraft server on my Raspberry Pi and doing it with Bukkit was impossible. My main interest was playing around with redstone so I didn't care about the other lacking features (I should one day show you guys my automatic Chicken breeder, butcher, and cooker).

Then I found out that repeater locking doesn't work and I wanted to fix it badly. I had lots of self-taught programming experience but zero experience with Git, I remember opening a collaborative online textpad with bearbin to share some codeTongue So, MC-Server forced me to learn git, and that opened a whole new world for me.

I am super enthusiastic about machine learning, AI, game agents, game theory, etc. I am constantly learning new algorithms, concepts and stuff, and I have an immense drive to build things, so I'm unleashing my enthusiasm on the MC mobs. The A* Algorithm I implemented here is my third implementation of A*, and the first one in 3D.

So yeah, I'm your (wannabe) AI guy.

RE: MCServer history? - LO1ZB - 05-02-2015

I found MCServer sometime around beta 1.7 or 1.8, I where really impressed by its performance compared to vanilla.
After a short time, I lost it because I stoped playing minecraft activly, and got back sometime early 2014 (I think).
For the git history, I made a far to long gource video
I suggest to download it and play it at x8 or something ;P

RE: MCServer history? - LogicParrot - 05-02-2015

This is awesome! I wish the resolution was a bit more though, it's barely possible to read the text

Could you enlarge the names of people / names of files?

RE: MCServer history? - LO1ZB - 05-03-2015

1080p60 isnt enoght? :O
Do you now how long it took to encode the video? o.O
The font size is 22.
I can try later this night, shal I incease the timescall aswell? It is set to 2.5 right now.
I just checkt it, the default version of gource cant change the size of usernames and file/directorynames

RE: MCServer history? - LogicParrot - 05-03-2015

Strange! my browser only shows 720p!

RE: MCServer history? - LO1ZB - 05-03-2015

Thats a bug with the HTML5 player, please try chrome.

RE: MCServer history? - NiLSPACE - 05-03-2015

Firefox works perfectly for me. I got 1080p with 60 fps. available for me.