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Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - Jammet - 05-29-2015

/lastwhere <name>
/lastw <name>

Returns the relative time and coordinates of <name> when they last disconnected.

Jammet was seen last 3 days 11 hours ago, at X: 23 Y: 54 Z: -1043 in world: world


Switches your privacy mode though these options:

Your last connection time and position will be shown.
Your last connection time will be shown. <default>
Your last connection time and position are unavailable.

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - xoft - 05-29-2015

Seems easy to do, I'd be interested in such a plugin for the Gallery server as well.
SQLite storage, cCompositeChat for making the coords and world name clickable (click teleports there)
Not sure about the /togglelast command, it's "too far" from the /lastwhere command name. But with the aliases plugin, I guess it's alright Smile

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - Jammet - 05-29-2015

Fantastic! Smile Sounds really great! That toggle command was really the first thing that came to mind.

Might as well be just /lastwp (privacy) or ..
/lastset .... /lastcfg

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - xoft - 05-29-2015

I decided to write this plugin, it should be fairly simple.
You can follow the development here:

How about this command set:
/lastseen <username> - displays the last seen info for user
/lastseencfg {off|time|pos|full} -- sets what info is available about me to others

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - xoft - 05-29-2015

- Should admins be able to always see full LastSeen info, even if the person set their cfg to less?
- Should there be a config file with the default setting for LastSeenCfg, or should I hardcode the default into the plugin code? And which default?

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - Jammet - 05-29-2015

I like the commands. I considered using lastseen too, for a while. Spent some time on IRC, where people use /last to find out when somebody was on. And MUDs/MOO/MUSHs, where people use either /where or /laston. So I sort of mixed it up, but /lastseen is easy to remember will do wonderfully.

/lastseencfg having parameters instead of just toggling things also makes a bit more sense. I reckon when you just enter /lastseen or /lastseencfg without any name or parameter specified you'll get a short help text, right? Both should mention each other, so people know they exist.

As for privacy settings ... some players will really hate this thing would even keep track of where they have been.
Without this plugin, an admin with shell access could just lookup their position in the users respective .json file regardless, if they absolutely must.
Maybe the most sensible thing is to make this an admin-option in the config file, and tell a user who does a '/lastseencfg off", that it's still visible to Admins.
And yes, I guess a config file would be a good idea.

A sensible default would either be off or time. Smile But judging from past experiences, it would greatly help adoption if we just stick with time.
And I would probably like to toggle off teleporting generally, but I can easily see good uses for that.

I'm thinking that maybe, if a user hasn't been on for a full month, it would make more sense to display a date, instead of relative time.

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - xoft - 06-01-2015

I think the LastSeen plugin is now good enough for general usage. I have added it to the Gallery server.

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - Jammet - 06-01-2015

Wonderful! Smile I'm using this as well! Thank you so much for making it!! Smile

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - Jammet - 06-25-2015

I didn't get around to ask sooner, but how can I actually set it up so people can use it? They keep telling me they don't have the permissions.
They can't even do /help ...

RE: Request: /lastwhere or /lastw - xoft - 06-25-2015

You need to enable webadmin on your server, and via webadmin edit the ranks and permissions. The server should have defaulted to putting all the players into the Default rank which should have the necessary permissions for the /help command. First have a look at the Core -> Ranks page, at the bottom it says which rank is the default. Have a look at the default rank in the list, see what groups it contains. Then in the Core -> Permissions page you can see individual permission groups and the permissions they are granted; you can also create a new group or edit an existing one.

The LastSeen plugin has two permissions that should be given to all users, "lastseen.lastseen" and "lastseen.lastseencfg". There's also the "lastseen.admin.seeall" permission that is useful for admins (so that they can see the lastseen info even for players who opted out)