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ExecuteCommandBlock - Mathias - 01-06-2016

A plugin that allows players to execute command blocks in Cuberite. To execute a command block, the player can look at a command block and execute "/executecommandblock" in chat, or specify the exact location where a command block is in the world using "/executecommandblock <x> <y> <z>". There is also a console command, "executecommandblock".


  • /executecommandblock - Executes a command block.
    Permission required: executecommandblock.command

  • - executecommandblock.command -
    • Commands affected:
      - /executecommandblock

RE: ExecuteCommandBlock - Schwertspize - 01-06-2016

Execute like Redstone does, right?

RE: ExecuteCommandBlock - Mathias - 01-06-2016

(01-06-2016, 08:52 AM)Schwertspize Wrote: Execute like Redstone does, right?
Yes, that's right.

RE: ExecuteCommandBlock - Mathias - 05-18-2017

Compatibility with the latest version of Cuberite has been added to the plugin.