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RE: Cuberite Meetup - Zee1234 - 02-02-2016

If you can work it, I highly suggest the use of instead of twitch/google. In terms of streaming to the service, it's the same process. The only thing I'd see as a potential problem is it's not really "playing a game", but that would be a problem on twitch as well, and a) It's about Minecraft so it would probably be fine anyways and b) it's really easy to get in contact with the Beam team and just make sure it's ok. Beam is still fairly small, so I doubt they'd care.

Now, why do I recommend beam? Because it has under 10 seconds of delay between streamer and stream. You can even get faster, with the fastest plan boasting under 250 ms from "On my screen" to "on your stream", although it's unlikely Cuberite could get that plan (unless it's available for purchase now, it wasn't last I checked). Even without that, though, it's 10 seconds instead of 40+, which is hugely beneficial to something like what this would be.

RE: Cuberite Meetup - LO1ZB - 02-03-2016

Zee1234 when it comes to delay, I can get around ~2-6 sec on hitbox (with a high bitrate/60 fps).
Yes, the framerate makes a difference when it comes to delay!. :>

RE: Cuberite Meetup - bearbin - 02-03-2016

We have mumble, there's not really a need for super real time streaming. And it's more of a pain to set up, and it doesn't support multiple admins for one account, etc.

RE: Cuberite Meetup - NiLSPACE - 02-04-2016

Oh god. Guys, I just double checked when my holiday starts, and it's the 29th, not the 21th. There are always lots and lots of tests in the week before a holiday. I'm not sure if I can attend at the meetup, but as I said before I can't look in the future. If I'm lucky we won't get allot of tests, but you can pretty much count on it.

RE: Cuberite Meetup - sphinxc0re - 02-04-2016

Oh boy...

RE: Cuberite Meetup - xoft - 02-09-2016

I've booked my flight and hotel, the only thing remaining is the train from Dusseldorf to Bochum; the DB website won't let me buy it online and won't even display the price. Anyway, now it's certain I'll be thereBig Grin

RE: Cuberite Meetup - sphinxc0re - 02-10-2016

I just finished the agenda for Friday:
The other days will follow soon @xoft could you pls take a look at it?

RE: Cuberite Meetup - xoft - 02-10-2016

Looks good to me.
However, I don't really think the LuaJIT entry for saturday is worth it. It's been discussed over and over again, what will we be talking about? How great it would be, how unportable it would be, how un-needed it would be? I don't see a point.

As for my terrain generator stuff, I think having two one-hour sessions separated by a break would be nice. In the first half I'll talk about the generator ideas in general, and after the break we can dive head-down into some specific algorithms. I'll leave the precise scheduling up to you.

RE: Cuberite Meetup - sphinxc0re - 02-10-2016

I edited the schedule

RE: Cuberite Meetup - sphinxc0re - 02-10-2016

@xoft what do you think