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The Newsletter Thread - LogicParrot - 02-08-2016

This is a long term thread, in which people post things that they think should be metioned in the next monthly newsletter.

I hope the idea works well.

World stability - LogicParrot - 02-08-2016

Things for the march newsletter:
  • World travel stability improved
  • Lua API now supports HTTP

RE: The Newsletter Thread - sphinxc0re - 02-08-2016

Sounds good

RE: The Newsletter Thread - NiLSPACE - 02-08-2016

The Lua API already supported networking. It's just that TLS was fixed for secured connections.

RE: The Newsletter Thread - xoft - 02-09-2016

Lua API doesn't support HTTP(s) natively just yet; it's in the making. The networking fixes in the API were related to the more generic TLS, which now allows plugins to do some basic requests at web services, but the expectation is that there will be a higher-level API just for that (in fact, I'm working on it, in all those one-hour-session-a-week that I get for Cuberite nowadays).

Note that, as I already mentioned in the API docs, the TLS support is currently experimental and should be considered unsafe, since there's no way for plugins to review peer certificates.

RE: The Newsletter Thread - bearbin - 02-23-2016

This month's newsletter is going to go out soon, any more suggestions for content?

RE: The Newsletter Thread - LogicParrot - 02-24-2016

No one summarized the meetup anywhere on the forum. A summary of the meetup would be good.

RE: The Newsletter Thread - xoft - 02-24-2016

Summary: You weren't there, bad for youTongue

RE: The Newsletter Thread - tigerw - 03-02-2016


RE: The Newsletter Thread - LogicParrot - 03-28-2016

I think #3097 and 3091 are news-worthy.