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Decoda doesn't work - Angemessen - 03-29-2017

The IDE Decoda doesn't work at me. I cannot create a new Project, everything else does work. I have tried to use but there aren't any Tutorials, ow to set it up with Cuberite.
I don't wanr to use ZeroBrane ...
Best Regards

RE: Decoda doesn't work - xoft - 03-29-2017

Is there a specific reason you don't want to use ZeroBrane Studio? Most of us are using it, with Decoda being far inferior in features to ZBS.

As for, as long as no-one writes the tutorial, there won't be one. Since we're really happy with ZBS, I wouldn't expect such tutorial anytime soon. Also, I'd be surprised if it was easy to use a Lua debugger in to debug Cuberite plugins.

RE: Decoda doesn't work - Angemessen - 03-29-2017

Because i have everything Done like in the Tutorial and ZeroBrane doesn't find the API...
If someone could help me, fineBig Grin