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Data tags? - Des Cuddlebat - 05-10-2018


I got started with Cuberite yesterday and wanted to make a private plugin for me to test things on and maybe create something to play with with friends. I'm currently trying to wrap my head around how to reach an entity's data tag? There are some functions to modify specific pieces of entity's data, but is that all data we get to access? I sort of wanted to play with stuff like equipment D: Is there a way or am I limited to these specific functions and status effects?

Thank you for your time!

RE: Data tags? - NiLSPACE - 05-10-2018


I'm afraid you're limited to the existing functions and status effects. I don't remember the exact reason, but I believe we got stuck discussing on how to implement a dynamic tag system while also being backwards compatible.

RE: Data tags? - Des Cuddlebat - 05-12-2018

Ah alright, thank you! It looks like most things will be possible to accomplish with these, fortunatelyBig Grin