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Land ownership plugin? - loki1405 - 02-01-2012

Anyone working on any kind of land claiming plugins, or does anything at all like this exist.

I'm not really familiar with LUA so I hate to try to write it from scratch, but if something exists I can use as a framework I can extend it how I want.

I'm trying to do a land claiming plugin that works similar to how you claim land in factions.

If I could do that, I could finally migrate off of that terrible java server.

Thanks for all your work, this is custom server is an awesome project. I thought about building one myself but it just seemed too daunting to even start.

RE: Land ownership plugin? - Luthrandel - 02-02-2012

I started on one a while back as part of an mmorpg server plugin package. Never got very far into the project but some of the region stuff should be helpful. No idea what's been changed since the last time I touched it so no guarantee of it working with the newest mcserver version.

If your curious (and/or feeling brave) the file can be found here (dropbox link).

EDIT: Forgot to add, I don't care what happens to this file so feel free to do whatever with it and its contents. No credit required.

  • Ownership supports both players and groups. (groups are denoted as ".Name")
  • Region data is saved in the map folder as regions.dat
  • regions.dat is not an ini file. (had to get around the ini size limit)
  • Uses a quad tree for fast (read: epic) region lookup.
  • Readable bookshelves messages are region specific.
  • Respawning resources probably hasn't worked since the last time multi-world support was worked on.
  • If rRespawn is enabled (and working) anything in the "mineable" list will automatically be added to the respawn queue... probably.
  • Setting the size of the default region of a world will limit the world size.
  • Admin/mods/players can get around the region limits with the /architect command.
  • It should be optimized well enough to handle 100 players over 800k+ regions on a single map without too much cpu usage but individual mileage may vary.

RE: Land ownership plugin? - FakeTruth - 02-03-2012

Impressive, using quad treesBig Grin

I think you should create a separate thread for this. It's a huge plugin, it should be shown!

RE: Land ownership plugin? - Luthrandel - 02-03-2012

IIRC, too many things were left unfinished for a release. Just to name a few; there's no referencing regions by name in commands, no command to delete regions, no proper z-index sorting of stacked regions, and no way for players to claim regions outside of the admin region config command. It would be a little inconvenient to use as is.

I may finish it someday but time is something college leaves me with little of this semester. Don't bet on me being the one to do that any time soon. :/

RE: Land ownership plugin? - FakeTruth - 02-03-2012

Ah, I understandTongue

RE: Land ownership plugin? - loki1405 - 02-07-2012

Beautiful, thanks!!!