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Network refresh rate (tick rate) - AdidasAndi - 05-29-2019

I am wondering if it would be possible to adjust the refresh rate to something higher than 20 ticks per seconds to have something like 60 or 120 tick servers just like you could do in Countzer Strike or some other Games.

Would be really nice to get an answer to that question Smile

Have a nice day Smile

RE: Network refresh rate (tick rate) - xoft - 05-30-2019

Hello, welcome to the forum.

It's not possible by editing the server configuration, but it should be possible to quite easily change the server's source code for this. Basically the only place that forces the tick duration is the world tick thread execution: ; look for the definition of cTickTime. I'd expect some minor breakages such as the daylight duration etc., but other than that it should be doable. If you manage to modify the source so that the tick time is configurable, I'd consider merging such a pull request to the main codebase.

RE: Network refresh rate (tick rate) - AdidasAndi - 05-30-2019

Thank you for your quick replay, I will post something here if I got it running Smile

RE: Network refresh rate (tick rate) - LostWordBelOn - 09-06-2019

If it was that easy everyone would go to 60+ ticks/s immediately.

Also depending on world size more ticks also means a LOT more server resources needed to keep running smoothly.