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How do i actually set my external IP? - databoose - 07-26-2019

After googling for around 2 hours, sifting through unhelpful weasel words that beat around the bush, and input from people who have no clue what they are even talking about, i will ask this question myself. How do i set an external IP address for my server, so i can use it for external connections? I already know how to port forward, that is not the issue, i need to know where to set my external IP, all i have managed to find is the port number in the configuration file. Is this intended? Is it intentionally supposed to be gimped software that only allows you to host on local for some odd reason? It shouldn't be this difficult to simply set my external IP address.

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RE: How the hell do i actually set my external IP? - xoft - 07-26-2019

Hello, welcome to the forum.

There's no need to set any external IP in the configuration anywhere. Cuberite listens on all interfaces, so if you set up port-forwarding properly, you can access the server remotely without any problems and without any need for configuration.

Perhaps if you describe exactly what you are trying to achieve, and what steps you've taken so far, we could help you further.

Also, this is a site where we frown on bad language, so please watch what you type.

RE: How do i actually set my external IP? - Seadragon91 - 07-26-2019

If the port forwarding is configured on the router. You need only to get the external ip of the router, to connect to a mc server.
One way is it to get the ip from the router status page or visit a website like this one then it should be shown under Your Public IPv4 is: <>