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Cuberite has a discord server! - BladedPixels - 10-08-2019

Updated post:
Cuberite now has a discord server!


Thanks for Mathias for setting up the webhook required to implement notifying of new forum posts on the discord server.  

Original post:
Cuberite needs a discord server Smile
Hey guys. I recently discovered cuberite and think its absolutely awesome! I really think having a discord will improve publicity for Cubrite and communication between its users.
I was quite sad to see such a cool project being relatively obscure in the Minecraft community, let's hope we can change this because Cubrite is the best  Heart

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - xoft - 10-08-2019

Hello, welcome to the forum.
Umm, newbie question, what's a discord? Is it something like an online chat? That wouldn't be too helpful, since there won't be many people in there, most of us have daily life to take care of before CuberiteTongue

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - Bond_009 - 10-09-2019

@xoft yes it's another online chat platform.
@BladedPixels I set one up around 2 years ago, but it didn't catch on and died out.

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - BladedPixels - 10-09-2019

Hey Xoft, are you aware of what Slack is? Discord is similar to Slack. It allows for things such as GitHub commit tracking, and has a lot of other customizability. The link to it is

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - xoft - 10-10-2019

Not even Slack Smile Still, I don't think I would use any such thing. As I said, real life... Forum and email is ideal for me, whatever needs me there, it waits patiently for whenever I have time to spare. I don't need github commit tracking, since all commits go through PRs and those go to my mailbox anyway.

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - BladedPixels - 10-13-2019

Hey Xoft I understand your perspective, but I still rekon you should give it a shot. I have set up a rudimentary discord server, if you feel like joining, the link is Smile It just adds a really cool community aspect to any project that forums can not facilitate.

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - Wixon - 10-29-2019

Just don't make the Discord server kill the forums. That'd be bad. haha

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - xoft - 10-30-2019

Don't worry, I'm more likely to let the forum kill discord Smile

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - Hellomynameis99 - 10-31-2019

I think a Discord server is a good idea. It's a great place for quick and public discussion that doesn't warrant a new thread on the forums.
It will likely also bring new interest to the project and will definitely increase participation since it has a lower barrier to entry compared to a forum.

To avoid Discord killing the forum, Discord can be set to announce new forum threads using the existing RSS feed on the Cuberite forum. This way, Discord actually drives traffic to the forums from users who wouldn't be checking it otherwise.

That's my two cents - I hope I'm not being too presumptuous as a new member. :-)

RE: Cuberite needs a discord server :) - BladedPixels - 11-02-2019

I am trying to get the RSS feed to integrate with discord. Xoft, let me know if you're willing to connect an API to Cuberite's github page that allows discord to access new commits and merges. I'd like to have a discord channel dedicated to thatBig Grin