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Configure a private server - afkab - 11-24-2019

Hi all,

I just set up my first server and have been reading the docs and some forum posts.

What I would like to do is to run my server for my son and his friends only. So I would like to have them Authenticate to a server run by me, not Mojang.

How would I set this up?


RE: Configure a private server - NiLSPACE - 11-24-2019

Hi, welcome to the forum.

You could use the Core plugin's whitelist system to only allow your son and his friends to join. To set it up you can use the 'whitelist' command in the console. There are a bunch of subcommands like 'add' to add players to the whitelist and 'on' to enable the whitelist. Another possibility to configure the whitelist is the webadmin, but you'd have to configure that first. See 'webadmin.ini' for more information on how to configure it.

RE: Configure a private server - xoft - 11-24-2019

Hello afkab, I'm afraid you misunderstood the authentication process a bit. It is not used to decide whether a player may or may not join a server; it is only used to verify that the connecting player has a proper licence bought from Mojang, rather than a pirated version. For your use-case, using the whitelist is the best way to go (assuming, of course, that your son and his friends have a genuine copy of Minecraft).

RE: Configure a private server - chapmansean - 01-23-2023

One way to do this would be to set up authentication for your server so that only the users you approve can access it. Another way to set up a private server for a specific group of people is by using a proxy server. It will allow you to have an additional layer of security and access control. offers proxy services that can help you with that. Additionally, make sure to check out the documentation and settings for your server software to see if there are any built-in options for user authentication and access control.