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PiChunks - Low Power Server Performance Boost - N8-Ball - 12-12-2019

PiChunks is a plugin designed to improve performance on low-power servers such as the Raspberry Pi. The plugin will scale player view distance based on both the number of players and the speed you move so that players aren't constantly generating/loading a large amount of chunks when they travel large distances, it also eases the player render distance up when a player joins so the server isn't hit with as large of a load.


-Distances[] => List that determines max view distance allowed based on player numbers
-Penalties => There is a section of penalties near the top of main.lua that determine how aggressive the plugin will be in reducing render distance based on speed

The Penalties are roughly optimized for a Raspberry Pi 3B and thus are very aggressive. If you have a more powerful server, consider turning these up first.

.zip (Size: 1.87 KB / Downloads: 783)

RE: PiChunks - Low Power Server Performance Boost - xoft - 12-12-2019

Great job. Would you consider hosting your plugin in a GitHub repository? That way it's easier to view the code, has history and could be adopted by the Cuberite organization, if desired.