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RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tigerw - 03-28-2020

> baby boy's growing teeth, is a nightmare

as an aside, I remember when I was growing teeth, I liked to bite on the soft plastic handle of my pushchair.
It was like scratching an itch, but the itch is in your teeth, and it feels ten times more satisfying.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - xoft - 03-28-2020

(03-20-2020, 05:33 AM)xoft Wrote: Well, I've got a new AP incoming, hopefully on Saturday, so the connection speed might improve. Unless I find out it is incompatible with the antenna on the roof.

Just as expected, the new AP doesn't like the old antenna (and without it is too weak on its own), so I'm stuck with the old one. And it developed a nasty habit of subtle failures every few minutes - existing TCP connections work fine, but new TCP connections cannot be established. I'm rather baffled as for the source of this.

As someone said, the internet should face the coronavirus and convert all TCP trafiic to UDP, to get rid of the handshakes.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - ThuGie - 03-29-2020

I don't remember anything from when i was growing teeth,
Though my lil one, is starting to drool and crying more, seems also growing teeth though not visible yet.

But hope your internet troubles get fixed soon.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tigerw - 03-31-2020

xoft, what was the source of your 5-lines-between-functions requirement?

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - xoft - 04-01-2020

Just readability - it makes it easier to navigate between functions.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - xoft - 04-22-2020

Ooooh, me wants me wants me wants!
[Image: gk-coyote-plush.jpg?v=1571449016]
Such a pity I can't afford any extra spending now, both me and my son would love this guy.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tigerw - 04-23-2020

Very striking design!

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - xoft - 04-23-2020

It's based on the Gunnerkrigg Court webcomic, I really love it, both the story and the art.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tigerw - 04-23-2020

Amazing, it started in 2005!

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - xoft - 04-24-2020

Yay, I flashed OpenWRT on my old TP-Link 741 router and swapped it with the on-roof AP that I use to "steal" the neighbors wifi, now I get faster speeds and it seems a bit more stable, too. 10 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up, that's already workable Smile Vivat OpenWRT, thanks for having our back. (The original firmware didn't support AP-client mode)