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RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tigerw - 08-30-2020

yey 11000 kommitz~

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tonibm19 - 09-07-2020

Working on my own Minecraft "clone" as a side-project in C++.

The Cuberite world generation documentation by xoft and the videos will probably help  Big Grin.

If someone knows other good resources, please tell me, they can come in handy.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - xoft - 09-07-2020

Why not just join some already established project, such as Minetest? Do you like reinventing the wheel? Smile

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - xoft - 09-13-2020

After months of battling my burnout over the project, it was finally getting better, especially seeing new people joining the developer ranks and progressing fast (thank you for that). Confident, I started digging deeper into the code again, less afraid of getting back into the feelings revulsion and hopelessness I was having before. Then first kick came with the generator stack rewrite: I was confident I was doing the right thing, yet the PR got "bike-shedded" into oblivion. That put me off of developing for quite a bit again. But now, the latest incident has unfortunately really taken its toll. Having carefully designed the block system to be easily extensible and as user-friendly as possible, even with unit tests, was a matter of pride. Now it's down the gutter, eviscerated and replaced with a hard-coded blob generated from who knows where with awful structure and bad compile times, everything hard-coded, back to fixed numbers. The worst part, not a single piece of documentation on WHY it was changed, WHY it was believed to be better.

Now I'm back at the bottom of the burnout, can't really even read through the forums anymore, just thinking about Cuberite makes me sick. I realized I don't have the energy to do this anymore.

So I quit.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - Mathias - 09-14-2020

Thank you for all your hard work during these years, I'm sorry it had to end like this. You're not alone in feeling this way, burnout is no joke, and sometimes the only solution is to completely distance yourself and try something new. After 8 years of playing (and in later years mostly developing for) a block game, I've certainly had moments where I just couldn't bring myself to even start the game anymore.

No matter if this is temporary or not, feel free to stay in touch if you want to. If you ever feel like returning, you will always be welcome back.

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tigerw - 09-14-2020

Sorry about this xoft, here's the plan about block migration and rationale:

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tigerw - 10-31-2020

Happy (or is it?) Halloween everyone!

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - tigerw - 12-26-2020

And Merry Christmas!

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - NiLSPACE - 12-26-2020

Merry Christmas!

RE: Random Chitchat 2020 - ThuGie - 12-27-2020

Merry Christmas