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Movable Tile Entities - Krystilize - 03-27-2020

How hard would it be to be able to move tile entities (chests, hoppers) with pistons?
Is the code on Tile Entities based on fixed coordinates or would it be feasible?

If itĀ isĀ feasible, could it be added as an option?


RE: Movable Tile Entities - tigerw - 03-28-2020

I do believe we could move enderchests at one point, even with a sly comment in the code about it, but it was brought into line with vanilla. However enderchests are stateless.

Moving normal chests which do have an associated tile entity would involve enumerating entities at the block's position and adjusting their coordinates. I suspect it's feasible.

RE: Movable Tile Entities - xoft - 03-28-2020

I suppose it's doable. The only problem (but that's with pushing regular blocks as well) is on chunk boundaries, when pushing something through to a chunk that's not loaded.