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BankAPI - Economy API - Krystilize - 03-31-2020

BankAPI - Cuberite Economy API

This plugin aims to give developers an easy to use set of tools to develop an economy based plugin with.

It saves everything in a SQLite database using transactions, which means that no data will ever be lost - even in the event of a power outage mid-transaction.

If you have any questions please ask either in comments or by dming me on discord at Krystilize#7980.

The Github can be found below.

BankAPI Github


BankSetPlayerBalance(PlayersUUID, Balance)
BankChangePlayerBalance(PlayersUUID, Balance)
BankTransferPlayerBalance(aPlayersUUID, bPlayersUUID, Balance)


dofile(cPluginManager:CallPlugin("BankAPI", "GetExternalAPIPath"))

Thanks, Kry.