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How to set one version? - tima4ka1 - 04-27-2020

Hello everybode!
I am new in these world of cuberite and so I have a question about game version.
Right now server works on 1.8 - 1.12.2 minecraft versions, but I want to play in one version (1.12.2)
And there is a question.

How can I change server version and block older versions and add new (1.12.2) features on server?

Thank you for your help)

RE: How to set one version? - xoft - 04-27-2020

There's a plugin for allowing only a single client version:

RE: How to set one version? - Kazio - 06-24-2020

Hello! i had the same issue with a game version and I didn't know that there is a special plugin that can help me with this situation. When I am back in my property in Lisbon I will give it a try later today. Thank you once again!

RE: How to set one version? - Greaper88 - 06-24-2020

If you were using ViaVersionon a Bungeecord, you use VIaVersion to block protocols as welll