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Changes to item enum - 12xx12 - 08-30-2020

So I noticed cuberite uses some weird derivations of item names in the BlockType.h enum.

Is it worth changing those or will this get tossed in the future in favour of the enum in Registries/Items.h ?

RE: Changes to item enum - xoft - 08-30-2020

Those are caused by Cuberite needing names for stuff before there was an official name in the past - there were times when Minecraft had no names for blocks or items, internal nor user-visible, and the community mainly around the wiki was taking long time to standardize. Some names even changed in the course of time.

We tend to add the standardized names but keep the old ones for compatibility.

It is expected for the blocks and items to be replaced by registries, but until then, we need to keep that file.

RE: Changes to item enum - 12xx12 - 08-30-2020

Hm, ok so in the end we live with it at this point and wait till we use the registries enum

That you for that insight   Blush