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Relax merge requirements - tigerw - 10-22-2020

There was a recent change to apparently make all PRs unmergeable unless someone reviews, even to admins.

I commend the good software engineering principles, but because everyone is volunteering their time, this isn't working. It's also important to remember we are writing a Minecraft server, not a control system for a reactor. Getting stuff merged is a bit of an uphill battle at the moment, and excessive nitpicking is sometimes quite trying.

The current settings are needlessly restrictive. Can we please change them back to allow discretion to commit/merge?

RE: Relax merge requirements - NiLSPACE - 10-23-2020

In my opinion if the changes are small I'm fine with letting the changes go through without a review as we're lacking developers to review changes. I do think everything has to be added using a pull request though. That way we can easily trace back changes later on.