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BedChanger - HeCorr - 04-09-2021

Hello! This is my first Plugin for Cuberite and actually the first time I've coded in Lua and it was quite fun  Smile

I hope you find it useful!  Big Grin

How it works

This Plugin lets players change the color of their bed by right-clicking on it while holding a colored wool. It's that simple!  Wink

The player is charged 1 wool for changing the bed color (the one they're holding). In the future this will be customizable (read the ToDo's).

  • bedchanger.change

GitHub repo


  • Improve the workaround code (for setting the color of both halves)
  • Create a README on the repo, put a link to here
  • Config options (enable/disable permissions, customize/disable charging amount, customize chat message & prefix)

RE: Bed Changer - 12xx12 - 04-09-2021

Yeah - it‘s working ?

Can you also post it to the plug-in repository?

RE: Bed Changer - HeCorr - 04-10-2021

(04-09-2021, 03:21 PM)12xx12 Wrote: it's working ?


(04-09-2021, 03:21 PM)12xx12 Wrote: Can you also post it to the plug-in repository?

Definitely! done!

RE: Bed Changer - tigerw - 04-10-2021

Looks great!