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CuberWOW - Real-time (crypto) currency calculator - _XxFedexX_ - 06-27-2021

Real-time Currency Exchange Rates Calculator

This useful Minecraft plugin for Cuberite C++ servers allows you to easily
and quickly covert currencies and cryptocurrencies - you don't even need
to open your browser!
> Features
 Supports USD, Monero, Bitcoin, Wownero, Euro.
Will (probably) support GBP, Ethereum, Doge, ARRR (Pirate Chain) etc. on next releases.
 All values are updated on server start - reload or every a configurable amount of time
(default 10 minutes) so you always have fresh, accurate data.
 Completely free and open source, licensed under MIT.
> Download
Click here to download CuberWOW
> Donate
If you find this free and open-source plugin useful, then please consider
donating me any amount.
Wownero: WW3MkT8a3ufaUD7bWbC6uSagatUoqj2HqBvUqeCf76C7eNVg8LwTCXfTWDKQK2JE6T2QEuhDbqkC6LkcM8PQ63gZ2cjWqU28U
Monero: 4A3yKdAWk8xBG1fLZjqsj6cUf4cCysSwaiDNPgXAhqzKTSHaPHZiD2X58phuizZMDpPZB3BiZ3Mfrg4w5eTofBAZ4t8rbRm
BitCoin: bc1qvr3vea4utw50tlqhrhg9scmmgyd4yhwxze30wl
Thank you!
> Why that name?
Because this has been mainly created to convert Wownero to other currencies.
Learn more about Wownero, the meme-inspired, ASIC-resistant, privacy-focused
cryptocurrency here.

RE: CuberWOW - Real-time (crypto) currency calculator - MackayJan - 07-08-2021

Hi, oh my gosh, I need that!!! Thanks!)))

RE: CuberWOW - Real-time (crypto) currency calculator - _XxFedexX_ - 07-11-2021

(07-08-2021, 08:29 PM)MackayJan Wrote: Hi, oh my gosh, I need that!!! Thanks!)))
You are welcome.
If you need that, i can add other currencies. Just ask!  Big Grin