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RE: New minecraft version. (1.6.4) - xoft - 10-04-2013

If you were an op / admin, and suddenly blocks started disappearing around you, I think you'd start caring Smile
True, this is quite far-fetched. We'll see.

RE: New minecraft version. (1.6.4) - NiLSPACE - 10-23-2013

It's almost time for 1.7:

RE: New minecraft version. (1.6.4) - xoft - 10-24-2013

I've just glanced through the 1.7 protocol, I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. FINALLY they decided to include a length field for each packet, so that it can be easily parsed Smile

RE: New minecraft version. (1.7.2) - NiLSPACE - 10-26-2013

1.7.2 is released.

RE: New minecraft version. (1.7.2) - xoft - 10-28-2013

I guess I'll have to more-than-glance at the protocol docsTongue

RE: New minecraft version. (1.7.2) - xoft - 10-29-2013

I seem unable to run the vanilla 1.7.2 server. I start the exe, the java process starts and then terminates within a second, without showing any window or even spitting anything in the console. Does this happen to anyone else?

Ah, found it - not enough RAM. When run with less RAM in the -Xmx and -Xms params, the server started just fine.

It wouldn't be Mojang if there weren't a stupid twist in the protocol.

The packet type 0 is used for 0 different things, based on whether one has been already received or not - initial handshake or keepalive. WHY?

Also, they renumbered the packets, just so that the numbers are different now. No logical reason behind the renumbering, the packets aren't grouped any better than before.

And the packets have different numbers in each direction? WTF are they smoking there? Why is a chat packet type 1 in one direction, but type 2 in the other?

RE: New minecraft version. (1.7.2) - FakeTruth - 10-29-2013

Yup, sounds like something Mojang did Smile
You know something's wrong when their protocol starts making sense

RE: New minecraft version. (1.7.2) - mtilden - 10-29-2013

Networking is completely re-written, so... good luck!

RE: New minecraft version. (1.7.2) - xoft - 10-29-2013

It is doable, we just lost a bit of in-source documentation - we had comments like "sends an UpdateWindowProperty (0x69) packet", which are now mostly invalid.

RE: New minecraft version. (1.7.2) - xoft - 10-29-2013

The server issue persists, it seems I've hit this one:

When I specify the -Xms1024M param, the server crashes with the error; if I use 512M instead, it starts fine. I have enough free phys & virt RAM to run 1024M.