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Show us your PC! - Tim - 03-04-2011

Just a thread for people to show their computers/laptops/devices-on-which-they-liveTongue

(my pics are a bit big to embed so i'll do a link Smile)
My laptop Smile

2.0 GHz core 2 duo
4 gb of ram
320 gb HDD
Nvidia 310m graphics 512mb video ram (crap graphics card but good for a laptopTongue)
Dual booted with ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7 - I'm using ubuntu for everything as of late though however i need to upgrade it to 64bit ubuntu when i can be bothered, atm it only recognises 2.9gb of my ram Dodgy


RE: Show us your PC! - FakeTruth - 03-04-2011

My desktop broke, so I'm only using my laptop... don't have a cam with me so can't take pictures Sad

[Image: 1249030322.jpeg]
Toshiba L500-128
Intel Core2Duo T6500 2.10GHz
Radeon Mobility HD4570

It's actually a pretty good laptop, just finished playing Bulletstorm yesterday ^^

RE: Show us your PC! - Tim - 03-04-2011

Very similar spec to mineTongue

RE: Show us your PC! - Revolucas - 03-05-2011

Custom Built PC:
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core 2.50 GHz
4.00 GB DDR2 RAM
ATI Radeon HD 6850
Windows Vista...

I haven't even updated it in a couple years either. Usually I upgrade every year but I'm not rich anymore.

RE: Show us your PC! - distroyed123 - 03-05-2011

----> my net speed <----
[Image: 313397820.jpg]

----> my specs <----
[Image: specs-1.png]

RE: Show us your PC! - Tim - 03-05-2011

[Image: 1184614919.png]
my net speed Angry my router is a pile of crap and needs replacing as soon as i can get my hands on a new one.
[Image: vdl5oo.png]
Thats what my router is currently in sync at (taken at the same time as the above speed test) ^

shows how much it drops over its wireless lan :/ even on a good day i can only get 5mb/s max

RE: Show us your PC! - FakeTruth - 03-05-2011

(03-05-2011, 04:16 AM)distroyed123 Wrote: --pictures--

WTF your windows rating is 3.1 ?!
This is my laptop's rating =/
[Image: 6gh10n.png]

RE: Show us your PC! - Duralex - 03-07-2011

WTF!!!! I dont even have a ratingTongue
[Image: sys_pic.jpg]

But that's mainly for gaming. I have that very same desktop multibooted with Gentoo x86_64 2.6.35-r5 which is my primary development system. I also have two laptops, one that is pretty old on which I have only Gentoo installed on and use pretty regularly and another one (windows xp only) that belongs in a museum which I only keep because I have been to lazy to transfer the files from.

Id show u guys screen shots of my gentoo systems but er not much to see cuz I run openbox on both with no toolbar.

As far as pictures of my actual tower, well just imagine a gutted old-school Alienware box with twisty-ties managing the molex cables, an extra power switch dremmeled onto one of the drive bay covers (for when my old mobo lost its pc-poweron logic n I had to short the pc-poweron pin n gnd to actually get it to come on) and alligator clips running from one of the molexes directly to the fan of my HD4850 GPU (cuz I dont trust ATI cards in managing their own temps).

Oh n my favorite IDE is currently codelite which I run on my Gentoo 64 and am using to develop the ai for the monsters.

RE: Show us your PC! - distroyed123 - 03-14-2011

(03-05-2011, 07:48 AM)FakeTruth Wrote:
(03-05-2011, 04:16 AM)distroyed123 Wrote: --pictures--

WTF your windows rating is 3.1 ?!
This is my laptop's rating =/
[Image: 6gh10n.png]
ive never calibrated the rating,3.1 is the default value

RE: Show us your PC! - FakeTruth - 03-14-2011

I love EVGABig Grin I sent my broken 8800GTS 640MB video card (I had a whoopin' 10-years warrantee), and they sent me back a GTX 260Big Grin SweeeeeeeeettBig Grin