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BlockLogger - bearbin - 12-29-2012

This plugin aims to replicate LogBlock or CoreProtect (for bukkit) and make servers safer from griefers.

This is HEAVILY a WIP, in fact only logging works at the moment.

Current Features:
  • Text file block logging.
  • Expandable logging methods.
  • Logging of creation or deletion of blocks. Until the API is a bit better, this is pretty much all I can manage.

  • Make rollbacks possible.
  • Get a database block log storage engine.
  • Fix bugs

How to download/use?

There is a git repo for development work here:

Main Zip, use if you want more stability: here.
Dev zip:

Just dump in your plugins folder and add to your settings.ini (Please, after all the other plugins or it will mess stuff up!)

Note to people who might want to help:

The things that really need work are more logging methods, if somebody could find a reliable MYSQL -> Lua interface it would be wonderful.

If you need help, you can email me @ bearbin_AT_gmailDOTcom or use my skype (alexanderharkness).

RE: BlockLogger - NiLSPACE - 12-29-2012

wow thanks, i was hoping someone would start making a copy of coreprotectBig Grin
is it possible already to see who destroyd or placed a block?
the plugin only stores the new logging after a reload. maybe that is a bug?

and i get an error when i place blocks. there is an error in logger-textfile.lua at line 44 it says

RE: BlockLogger - xoft - 12-29-2012

Would an SQLite API help? 'cause I was once pondering about adding it.
MySQL is somewhat difficult to add, since it has different sources for each platform, if at all (RasPi / Android)

RE: BlockLogger - bearbin - 12-29-2012

Yeah a SQLite API would be great!

STR, mind updating to the latest version from github and telling me the error message you receive?

RE: BlockLogger - NiLSPACE - 12-29-2012

it still doesn't work. the quality of the picture is bad for some reason but its readable.

I have a (sort of) fix. if you change the code from onblockplace.lua to
function OnBlockPlace( Player, X, Y, Z, blockface, status, newBlock )
	_G[LOGFORMAT.."WriteBlockLog"](1, X, Y, Z, Player:GetName(), tostring(newBlock))
	return false
it should work exept that it doesn't log what block you placed. so you get this kind of log:

RE: BlockLogger - bearbin - 12-29-2012

Hmm, strange. I shall have to look at the api or something. Anyway, I'm writing something to retrieve the logs.

If you can find a fix I'll happily put it in.

RE: BlockLogger - NiLSPACE - 12-29-2012

i tried allot of things but i can't let it work, sorry Sad

RE: BlockLogger - bearbin - 12-29-2012

I must be misunderstanding the API, or else it is broken Sad

RE: BlockLogger - NiLSPACE - 01-03-2013

wil it also be able to log fire?

RE: BlockLogger - bearbin - 01-04-2013

I don't think it would be able to log fire, there isn't an API for it.

I'll make a list of APIs I need and put them in the plugin discussion area.