MCServer r173
Woo, no more floating stuffs!

  • Compatible with Minecraft Beta 1.3
  • Fixed floating trees and cacti
  • Fixed an error in r172 that chunks were not saved after being unloaded
  • Exported a class Vector3d (represents a 3 dimensional point in space by 3 doubles ) to Lua
  • Replaced "Commands" per user by "Permissions" like Bukkit has.
  • Collected most default plugins in a single plugin Core
  • Plugins can now register/bind commands as described in Also look at the Core plugin for examples.

No Mac version at the moment, because I've heard there's a problem with it anyway... I'll try to fix it later.

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Thanks! been looking forward to this moment all nightTongue *download* Heart
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Damn.. I JUST found out a bug due to notch changing his protocol. Any one-hit-break blocks, such as TNT and flowers cannot be destroyed.
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Also i dont know if you knew this but here are some thing i can think of off my head:
in the original game

Cactus shouldn't grow with a block touching it directly but normally can with a diagnal touch.
walking into a cactus should hurt, it should also only grow on sand.
also cactus normally grows 3 high this just reaches 2 and then sometimes grows the extra one on the floor next to it Smile

when underwater when the air bubble run out your health doesnt start to go down.

saddles don't work on pigs, there is also no other animals but chicken but you know that... (i got a pig from using spawner)

dispensers do not work when you right click them you dont see the inventory

Smile good job with this release tho! sorry to point out negatives just trying to help Smile
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Ahh shame, not that i tend to use TNT or stamp on flowers much ahah Smile
I love this build though, it feels much smoother than before and we have much better sync!
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