It would be nice to have a economy plugin. Who is not difficult, please.
Sorry, If this plugin is.
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Taugeshtu made one a while ago. It's propably outdated by now though.
Since it is outdated, why don't you specify exacly what you want the "Economy" plugin to do. I can try to create one for you.
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Taugeshtu made a ChestShop plugin that works with Coiny (I's working).
To have a complete economy system you need jobs, and I'm making it (see github). Any help would be apreciated Wink.
Combustible lemons and potato batteries, that's the future.Big Grin
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Tonibm19, you may want to start a thread here in the Plugin Discussion board, write a more detailed description of what you want the plugin to do, ask people for their ideas and feedback, and someone may help you out, too. I saw a typo in your code, so you have a pull request from me Smile
Believe me, "jobs plugin" is not good enough a description, for those of us who play only vanilla, we have no idea what "jobs" are, etc.
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