MCServer r176

Woo, compatible with the latest Minecraft client!Big Grin

  • Compatible with Beta 1.5
  • New trees
  • Fixed crash when WebAdmin is disabled
  • Added /top command to Core to teleport to the top most block at your current position
  • Item stacks can no longer go over 64 items
  • MagicCarpet plugin now uses command binding
  • Fixed issues #29, #77 and #66
  • Exported cGroup, cTracer, Vector3f and some more functions to Lua
  • Added a FastSetBlock function to cWorld to change a block without ticking it and it's neighbours
  • Added a SendMessage function to cPlayer so plugins don't need to get a cServer handle for sending messages
  • When binding functions to commands in Lua, it now sends along 'self' like it should (as discussed here)
  • Fixed an error that there should be at least one plugin relying on the chat callback in order for command bindings to work
  • Fixed some incorrect warnings about deprecated functions

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Abit laggy tho, And i getting dc all the imte
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What does the server log say when you get disconnected, and what does the client say?
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It seems r176 is not completely compatible with Beta 1.5 because I forgot to update one packet which makes it not possible to have more than one player in the server.

I'll release a new version later today.
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