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Yes it is:
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Thanks for the link yay!
Also DoExplosionAt what exactly does it do ? make the hole aka i assume force ? and even sound ? and if enabled set fire ?
There is btw so much nice stuff added since last time i checked the api!

Also do you have a sample for doexplosionat, i understand source, simply esPlugin, but for SourceData ?

Also seems i can enable effects and sounds! yay!
For effect, does it have a default stop time ? or does EffectData contain info about that ?
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DoExplosionAt creates an explosion(Force) at the given coordinates(X, Y, Z). CanCauseFire doesn't do much because it isn't implemented yet. Source and SourceData. I have no idea what that is.

Quote:For effect, does it have a default stop time?
I think you are confused with Entity effects(night vision etc)
MCServer is able to send entity effects and remove them, but it doesn't store and handle them. Also those functions aren't exported to Lua.
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Oh i thought luaAPI, only listed exported,
and i was talking about BroadcastSoundParticleEffect, didn't notice it saying Sound, so no real particles Sad what is a shame.

This thread should be renamed to ThuGie's Question ListBig Grin.
But if i get this right, i am able to set/get the enchants on armor etc, i just have to write a plugin to actually put them on it, when a enchantment table is used,
And make it handle the extra damage/protection,fortune etc ?
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Yes that should work. I have no idea how the enchantment table works in the protocol though.
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I amuse i can just use the enchantment table as a window, read what the user put, but now that you mention it,
No clue how i would enable/disable the amount of options aka per amount of books surrounding the enchantment table.
Like i can read how many books there are and how many levels it can give from that, aka reading specs from minecraft wiki etc.

But i assume it needs extra protocol to enable the actual options.. uhmz. Perhaps the client itself enables it, might need to do some testing.
Just for secure reasons aka cheats, reading how many books are actually surrounding it and checking if the user actually has enough xp levels.

Though this changes in 1.8.. fun.

Was thinking having enchants even if not all of them, would be a improvement to game play, also handy for mini games etc.
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The server sends the amount of XP required for each "slot" of the enchantment table window in the Window Property packet:
The cWindow sends that packet when you call its SetProperty() function.

As for checking the surroundings of the enchantment table, cBlockArea is exactly what you need for that, so that it doesn't consume too much CPU.

You are the second person this weekend who said they would try to implement the enchanting table. Talk to daniel0916.
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Well yeah, i just read his post, as i do not plan to create a clone or any crap like that i always find 1 plugin good enough, i will simply drop this..
Will look into something else.
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