Elevator idea
Hey guys,

As i do plan to create some plugins, here's a idea i was planning tell me if you think it be useful if possible Smile.

If i recall support for naming items has been added,
Not sure if the anvil supports naming of all items if not a plugin should be able to do it,

So my idea is simple, name a pressure plate "Elevator",
Once that is done the plugin will check if you are on it, and jumping,
If you jump it will check if there is a next level by checking is there is a space above it with a floor, and teleport you there,
If you shift, it will check if there is a floor below it and teleport you there.

This can also be used for different things like teleporting to different worlds, instead of using signs.
Let me know if you think it will be useless, if it is i will see about making it Smile.
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You might be able to name a pressure plate item in the inventory, but I think as soon as you place it in the world, the name gets lost (even in vanilla) - there's no storage for names in world blocks that have no cBlockEntity handling them.
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Xoft, thank you for pointing that out haha,
I am pretty sure i would be like wth does the name disappear ever damn time or something.
Though the plugin should be able to read the name on placing of it, and then store the position ?
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That would be doable.

But then, why have a special item / block for that, when you can define the elevators using commands? Once you decide to store the elevators in a storage of a kind (SQLite, preferably), there's no need for the special item. Just make a set of commands for defining the elevator, and you're done.

Might I suggest a command set like the following?
"/elevator create up" - Creates an "up" elevator from the pressure plate / button that the player is looking at
"/elevator create down" - Same for "down"
"/elevator delete" - Removes the elevator function from the pressure plate / button that the player is looking at

Note that I have specified the commands using "block that the player is looking at", because if you decided to use "current player position" instead, a pressure plate with an assigned elevator function won't be possible to delete.
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