I think this is an easy plugin, but I need this for my server to work. If you don't know that this is, it's a bukkit creative server management system that makes creative a lot better.

Here is the link to the plugin:

If anyone wants to help me and create the plugin, that would help my server a lot. That is the only thing that I can't use MCServer for and my computers can't handle Bukkit.

Thank you for any help. Wink
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There's a Gallery plugin, doesn't that do what you need?
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Well sort of... If you see the PlotMe plugin, it automatically generates and assigns the plots that are pre-defined by the user. Gallery however, requires the admin to create/assign the area and would be sufficient for an "automatic" server.

It is very similar however, and using that code as a base, it shouldn't take very long to create the plugin...
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I'm questioning the sanity of having something done completely automatic.

The Gallery requires the admin to set up the galleries, yes, but this allows a single world to have multiple galleries of differing genres, area sizes etc. Have a look at the Gallery server ( how it works. I believe this is superior to PlotMe.
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Sorry about my questions, but what do you mean by galleries, I'm a little confused on the term. Does it allow me to do the exact same thing as PlotMe? I was wondering because this is very vital to my server.
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Not very exact. It doesn't need a separate world for the "plots". You define a "gallery", which is an area where plots are made. Then any player with the proper permissions can claim a plot from the gallery, and that plot becomes theirs, no-one else can build or destroy blocks there.
Here's the thread with the full description of the plugin:
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This is very similar, however, the admin must keep allocating areas for players to set their gallery, therefore, it doesn't generate more land that the players can claim land. So, how would I get it to auto generate claimable land like PlotMe?
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The admin can allocate VERY huge pieces of land. The Gallery server, for example, has galleries set up for some 20 x 1000 areas, which should be more than enough. This is done in the settings, using the size of the gallery. This is the gallery definition from the Gallery server for the Desert gallery:
	-- Name of the gallery, as used in the commands
	Name = "Desert";

	-- Name of the world for which the gallery is defined.
	WorldName = "world";

	-- Dimensions of the gallery
	MinX = 100;
	MinZ = 100;
	MaxX = 500;
	MaxZ = 20000;

	-- The schematic file that will be used to initialize new areas within the gallery
	AreaTemplate = "gal/desert.schematic";

	-- Edge of each area that is "public", i. e. non-buildable even by area\'s owner.
	-- This is so that the AreaTemplate may include e. g. sidewalks that will be preserved
	-- Setting this to N means that N blocks from each area\'s edge are protected, i. e. sidewalk of width 2 * N
	AreaEdge = 2;

	-- Strategy used for allocating the areas in the gallery.
	-- Represents the direction and the order in which areas are allocated out of the gallery
	-- "x+z+" means first increment X, then (when MaxX is reached) increment z and start over with x from MinX.
	-- Other possible values: "x-z+", "x+z-", "x-z-", "z+x+", "z+x-", "z-x+", "z-x-".
	FillStrategy = "x+z+";

	-- The biome to set into areas in the gallery
	Biome = "Desert";
Note the MinX / MaxX / MinZ / MaxZ coordinates, and note that the areas are 20x20 blocks in size (based on the .schematic file).
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Hm... So just allocate a HUGE amount of land and split it up. Then allow people to claim it and use it? If land runs out, add more land?
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Yes, exactly. And if you want to have a PlotMe-like behavior, you'll create one gallery per world and set its coords to huge numbers, like -10.000.000, +10.000.000.

Also note that if you want to add more land, you can do so safely only in the FillStrategy's secondary direction, otherwise it'll overwrite existing plots. So if you have a FillStrategy set to "x+z+", then you can safely add land only by increasing MaxZ.
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