MCServer public server project [Minigames, survival, creative] [NEED B&S]
So, we need a name for the server. We thought about Blocky Land and Imagine Blocks.
Do you like them? Wich of them do you like most? More name ideas?
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So, we finished almost all we needed, we were close to open the beta and... I found this...

MY SHOP!!! ;(
maybe tigerw was right and MCS gets crazy when someone tries to do a server with it. There is also a FPS drop in the zone.
Hopefully the backup is not corrupted.

backup is corrupted too, so sad.

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Did you restart the server? Do you used cBlockArea in this chunks?
Did you changed anything inside these block or neighboring chunks from wehen the data was correct to the next server restart?
Could you try to load the Backup in debug-mode and check the log for errors?
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I didn't restart the server, it probably got corrupted while we're playing.
We didnt use cBlockArea.
About debug mode, I could try it, but it wont be today.
Seems highly related to
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