MCServers/ Cuberites future development
We discussed that a lot in an Issue so i move this to here...

This thread is about the things that we should update/implement BEFORE adding new features. I know most of these things will add new things, but you know what i mean.

A big missing part are the biomes. In my opinion it would be okay if we custumize the biomes a little bit if the functions that the biome has is the same, e.g. Jungle has Jungle Trees and Ocelots, Roofed Forest has Roofed Oak Trees and Mushrooms etc.
I would apreciate it if it's possible to modify biome generation and finishers by plugin, so you can make "custom" biomes, but that's just an idea, not a must.

A next big thing is to add all the missing features, that MCServer is missing. Here are some of them ( I will update the list every so often):

- Minecarts:
- Powered Rails
- Detector Rails
- Activator Rails
- Minecart physics

- Enchanting:
- Add all enchantments correctly
- Add corect calculation of enchanting for each levels
- Enchantment Books (DONE)
- Possibly adding 1.8 enchanting system, server wouldn't be compatible with versions < 1.8 anymore

- Anvil:
- Add enchanting with books

- Brewing / Effects
- Add brewing mechanics
- Add missing effects
- When a player has effects, display the particals

- Villager:
- Add biom-specific Village-looks
- Add diffrent Villager Jobs (1.8)
- Add trading
- Add Villager-Behavior -> Farmers farm wheat etc.

- Mobs / Entities:
- Add Mob API
- Fix knockback
- Add Mobspawner
- Add a "swimming" state, when mobs swim, they are actually flying
- Add 1.8 mobs
- Fix Enderman-teleport
- Add Enderdragon and Ender-Crystals
- Add animal breeding / following
- Add riding
- Fix mob looking ( when riding a mob it gets tourette because MCS has some diffrent calculations then the client)

- Structures:
- Add Strongholds with endportal
- Add Water Monument (1.8)

- Granite, Diorite and Andesite (DONE)
- Glowstone
- Biomes:
- I can't list them all, there are too many, but there are a lot missing, and the trees with them

Random things:
- Add Item NBT tags generally
- Books
- correct Lighting display

Feel free to comment on this and if i missed something

last update: 29. September 2014
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We already have mob spawner rooms and quartz.
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Updated that, anything else what is missing?
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I thought knockback was fixed, no?
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It's still not quite right, i think. But i could easily fix that (i did that, but didn't commit that, cause various other things) What has to be fixed is that mobs are able to move while they are flying and when you knock a mob away, it currently flies 1 block far, when you knock of a cliff that is for example 3 blocks high, it flies ~3 blocks far, and thats wrong. It should stop when it "flies" exactly 1 block, and that is why mob didn't stop moving, or was so fast in the water. Because the knockback was very broken so mobs fly very fast far away, when mobs are swimming, they are actually flying, so they keep "swim" away, until they land in 1 deep water, because that is when they land and are not flying anymore. And as long as that is not fixed, i consider knockback as "not fixed" Smile

Another problem is when you hit something with a knockback 2 sword, it gets knocked back further away but also higher, and thats not quite right too. I think mobs are getting max. 1 block knocked up (When you just hit them, without knockback sword and sprinting it flies 1 block far and 0.5 blocks high), but in MCServer knockback also multiplies the height, but i think you could do something like "if y >= 1, y = 1" or something, i don't know the syntax Smile

I just saw that you fixed the water-flying-bug, but the path finder is still brocken in water...
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You can add books to the list.
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You can add thunderbolt too (the sky is shining but there is no entity displayed on the screen, no damage taken and fire generated).
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That's because currently the lightning is spawned at 0, 0, 0. It shouldn't be too hard to make spawn properly. Take a random player position + random X and Z value.
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Lightning probably shouldn't be spawned in deserts though, as they never have rainfall.
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Even with cWorld():CastThunderbolt(x,y,z), the lightning isn't spawning.
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