Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
In this thread I'm going to put some questions that get asked quite frequently with answers. Feel free to suggest new ones:
  • Q: Where can I get the latest downloads of Cuberite?
    A: You can find the latest version of Cuberite on the home page. New versions of Cuberite are generated whenever a commit is added to our Git repository.

    Q: How can I make myself operator?
    A: You can use the op <playername> command in the console, or use the WebAdmin. Note that you need to enable WebAdmin first - edit the webadmin.ini file in the "Server" directory and add a username and password to be used for access.
    You can find a list of available ranks in the console using listranks

    Q: How can I install plugins?
    A: Read

    Q: How can I import a map into Cuberite?
    A: First, run Cuberite. This will generate a default world in the "world" folder. Go into that folder and you'll see that there is a "region" subfolder in it. The world you want to import has that as well. Now stop Cuberite and move all the files from your world's region folder into the region folder of the newly generated map. Don't forget to change the spawn coordinates to the proper coordinates in the world's world.ini file (world/world.ini)[SpawnPosition]->X, Y, Z

    Q: How can I generate a <flat/nether/end> world?
    A: To generate a nether or end world, edit the settings.ini file and add a world named "world_end" or "world_nether".

    To generate a flat world, edit your world's world.ini file and changing the values in [Generator] to:

    You may also have to set the world you want a portal to send you to. This can be done in the world.ini file in the [LinkedWorlds] section.

That's all for now. Please feel free to suggest more. Also, please notify us when things are unclear. We will try our best to work things out.
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I have edited your post to include a bit more information Smile
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I added a "How can I generate a <flat/nether/end> world" answer since it's asked allot lately.
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End is broken? It was working when portals were implemented :/
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Really? Could you post your world.ini, because I guess my world.ini doesn't work then.
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Try going into an end portal to see.

(I'm not contesting that the end is broken, just expressing surprise.)
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The FAQ would make a good article in the Wiki Wink
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There are really too many wikis. What's wrong with the Github wiki :/
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The Github wiki is more about the code than everything around it. @bearbin was about to delete it anyway and move the content to the 'official' wiki which is not only mentioned on the landing page, but goes by the official domain of Smile
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(09-26-2014, 06:00 AM)NiLSPACE Wrote: Q: How can I install plugins
A: You copy the plugin in the plugins folder and add the plugin to the settings.ini

A: You Unzip/Unrar the folder/create a new folder in "MC Server directory">plugins, then you add the "folder name" to settings.ini(can be found in the MC Server directory) under: " Plugins " and you input it like this: " Plugin=Core ".

For those that's completely new to servers overall.
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