Don's home server
Okay, so ive tried setting up a nice and stable server. i linked a few worlds together with portals so that there are 2 survival worlds (1 with and 1 without pvp) and 1 creative world. Ill probably be looking into the possibility of adapting hungergames and other 'game' worlds, but this is for later.

First im waiting to see if the plugin guru's here can create the grief prevention plugin I requested before i start advertising this server.

for now its running on my home laptop:
i7-4702MQ @ 2.20GHz
16MB 1600MHz ram
4 GB memory based HDD with RAMdisk
500 mb up/down fiber connection from my home.

Later when im pleased with the design ill create a img-disk with RAMdisk that i will use on one of my servers.

Server adres:
Default port

Currently using the following plugins:
- APIDump
- Block Explosions
- ChatLog
- ChunkWorx
- ClearLagg
- Core
- EssentialsSpawn
- Homes
- Login
- PrivateBlocks
- Portal
- PerfPages
- TransAPI
- WorldEdit

I know its pretty boring due to the fact that i dont have a lovly spawn as of yet... but i will get arround too it Smile

let me know what you think of it Smile
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