MCSmash/Super Smash Bros. Release v2.2
(Just a small test to try out the knockback mechanics with hostile mobs. This video is hella dated.)

(Testing some basic mechanics, sound included. Smile )

Well, here it is. Kind of. A completely rewritten MCSmash plugin. It still needs a few tweaks, but other than that, in its current state it's still completely playable.

New features (compared to v1):
*Better double-jumping, uses space bar instead of right-click (Thanks NiLSPACE. Smile )
*Better arena creation
*Better performance
*New move: Block/Shield
*Now has kits
*Now includes spectator
*Better item management
*And last, but definitely not least, a sound pack featuring songs from the Super Smash Bros. series Big Grin

If you wanna mess around with it, here's the repo:

*NOTE: ==This plugin will NOT work properly on MCServer versions based on source code before April 4, 2015==
== You MUST update your MCServer version in order to use this if your build predates this! ==

Use "/mcs getpack" in game to download the MCSmash sound pack! Optional, but HIGHLY recommended. Smile

To create an arena:
/mcs wand
Left/Right-Click to select center of arena
Shift+Click to select spectator warp. (This point CANNOT be inside of the arena: respawn radius * 2)
/mcs create <name> <respawn radius>

To join the queue, use:
/mcs join <kit name> (Use default for built in kit)

It's HIGHLY recommended that you use a 1.8.X client to play this! Particle effects and stuff will not work otherwise.

I'll document some other stuff later.

BTW, please PM me/submit a GitHub issue about any bugs that you find, I can't fix them if I don't know about them!

Known Issues:
*Multi-world support is STILL buggy/experimental. I suggest that if you use this for other than testing purposes, you stay away from ever using more than one world. This is a bit beyond my control.
*Enchantments aren't supported in kits yet
- Not that enchantments matter in this plugin, knockback is only calculated by raw damage, completely ignoring armor/enchantments.

Fixing these current bugs is on high priority. If it crashes or something and you know it's the fault of this plugin, send me the console output of the crash, it would greatly help me track down any bugs.

Planned features:
*None so far.
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Still waiting if anyone wants to help with an actual fight/demo video. Smile
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Awww, you're a little too late. A few minutes earlier and I could've helped you, but I already shut down my PC. ;(
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I'm still of course always up for testing. I wish I could help you spread the good stuff all around but the people I know are somhow all not PvP interested. :/
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Well, it seems good enough to leave alone for now, most of the more crucial bugs are MCServer-side, so there's not much I can do about that. I just released quite a bit of tweaks, so it should be a bit more stable, but again, the server crashes on a player teleport.
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Crashes? Would it be reproducible?
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It seems that the /tp or /tphere command also crashes my server when teleporting players through different worlds, so I don't think it's the plugin.
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Bleeeeeeeh, it's back. Tongue Released v2.4.
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Does anyone still happen to have this plugin? Seems like it's been removed from GitHub.
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(03-29-2020, 01:01 AM)Mathias Wrote: Does anyone still happen to have this plugin? Seems like it's been removed from GitHub.

I investigated a bit the github page and it seems unfortunately deleted along with the original account, no one made forks of it either to save it according to the wayback machine (and no wayback machine cant pull the files unfort)

so this plugin is completely dead and probably needs to be archived
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