What is multitheaded in mcserver ?

I would like to have a small brief on what is multithreaded in MCserver ?
Is it build to share the cpu load on each cores ? How many theards runs, and what are they doing.

I'am interrested by a big sever with a lot a players (+150) I would like to know if it will be possible .

PS : SSE instructions supported ?
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Threads per client:
  1. Data receiving, packet parsing and packet handling
  2. Packet sending
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  1. Listening for connections
  2. Tick thread (game logic)
  3. WebAdmin thread

The game logic is done in a single thread, so there's not much load sharing, except for the packet parsing.

There's not much to use SSE for, do you know how to program SSE/SIMD?Tongue It's very difficult.
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