Color codes and chunks
Hello Community!

First of all:
I am a complete Minecraft-Server-Noob --sorry!

I have successfully compiled MCServer on my RPi 2 (horray!) and now I have a few questions:

1) Color Codes:
I cant change textcolor on the web-interface. Everytime I try to change the color of a text like in the Server-description the § will be replaced with a rW automatically ?!
e.g. "§4My §fServer" is transformed into "rW4My rWfServer" after saving

When I edit the settings.ini manually everything works fine.

Also I cant edit he visuals of the ranks:
When I change the color of e.g. the admin, only "Unknown color code" is displayed.
Guess Why? Jep - When entering §4 as color code the Webinterface transforms it to rW4.... Is there a workaround for this?
Also i entered ADMIN as prefix - but the prefix is not displayed when writing a chat message.

2) Chunks:
The Webinterface displays the generated chunks. When saving and restarting the server the counter is resetted to zero. Should´nt the counter continue from the state I saved the world or am I misunderstanding something?

Thanks in advance for the help!
BTW: MCServer runs great on the RPi 2 - keep up the great work!

Just noticed, that when I try to change the visuals of a rang the console gives me an error message:
[03:50:30] SetRankVisuals: Rank Admin not found, visuals not set.
[03:50:56] SetRankVisuals: Rank Operator not found, visuals not set.

Why ????
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1) looks like mojibake is happening somewhere.
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Tried to change the locales from de_DE to en_US - same error Sad
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Its almost certainly in the server.
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Is there a way to change the color in a config file, like the settings.ini?
Any suggesitons for the missing prefix?
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If nothing in the settings work, then you can use Chatter. It's a plugin that allows you to customize the chat completely.
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(05-16-2015, 02:36 AM)NiLSPACE Wrote: If nothing in the settings work, then you can use Chatter. It's a plugin that allows you to customize the chat completely.

Thanks, I´ll give it a try.
As I said the whole MC-Server-thingy is pretty new to me. I have not tried any plugins yet. To be honest I do not even know what the disabled pre-installed plugins do Smile
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Usualy when a pre-installed plugin is disabled then it's just there for debugging reasons.
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The color codes in server description in webadmin are some mojibake, as @worktycho already wrote.

The color in the Rank visuals should be entered without the §, then it works properly. I was planning on changing the edit box into a combo-box, but I don't know enough HTML to do that.

The rank prefix and postfix currently don't work, there's an issue reported for this.

The number of chunks reported in the webadmin means the number of *currently loaded* chunks, not the number of generated chunks. So that number will go up and down all the time, depending on the connected players etc. It's actually pretty much tied to the memory usage of the whole server.
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Oh, now everything ist clear, thanks!
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