Skyblock/Ex nihilo inspired plugin dev thread
So I really liked the "Ex nihilo" mod for minecraft. It had the right idea: start from NOTHING (just some dirt and a tree) and give player mechanics to reach ANYTHING. Now we can do similar things in Cuberite. However I don't like the tediousness of Skyblock and the fact that it invalidates many vanilla mechanics. So my ideas are as follows:
  • Center around natural block interactions
  • Preserve and extend vanilla mechanics
  • Allow player to reach all items/blocks
  • Remove tedium by encouraging automation

Center around natural block interactions:
Due to limitations of lua plugins, we can't (unless I'm wrong) add new things like the compost barrel. So i think it would work by checking world blocks and transforming them depending on what is around it. E.g.:
  • If wood is below a water block that is exposed to the sun - turn to dirt
  • If dirt is below running water - turn to gravel and gravel to sand
  • if dirt is below at least 5 tiles of nontransparent blocks - turn to stone

Preserve and extend vanilla mechanics:
One major drawback is that you don't need mining tools and the related enchantments. One idea i had to counteract this: when dirt turns to stone it has a chance to turn into ore (using vanilla chances for ore at that level). This way you could fill the block with dirt, wait a while and then excavate to find precious shinies.
One other idea: have a magical aparatus (e.g. chest with special items) that when activated would fill a 16x16x16 area with stone+ores.

Allow player to reach all items/blocks:
Currently i'm having trouble with the start - how to give player access to water?

Remove tedium by encouraging automation:
Probably needs an autobraker of somekind. Maybe a dispenser shooting something? Also needs not to be overpowered so not to invalidate mining mechanics...

So what do you think?
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Okay so progress report time!

Because one of the harder things is a working multiblock implementation i thought having a try implementing that.
This is the result:
Now that same repository will have the plugin itself. Currently it has some issues - very messy code and a not-yet-merged hook that it depends on.
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