[SOLVED] Someone knows the free Minecraft client?
(10-13-2015, 11:16 PM)NiLSPACE Wrote: Oh, then I misunderstood you. You might like this list, but keep in mind that they are most likely unfinished. Also, you might find some more when you look further.

I've checked that list out and the results are a bit hit/miss...  As is typical with kids, my little one wants me to play and was really disappointed that I'm not able to. (We only have one licence and, even though it's Microsoft and everyone hates it... ya-de-ya, I'm not going to entertain using a hacked version: I might as well set fire to my computer and smash the drives with a lump hammer.)

Also, I'm not really overly enamoured with blowing the cost of a licence on something I might play for a couple of hours. Once. It's a bit different to something like Witcher 3, which bought recently for roughly twice the cost of a MC licence. Now that came on a disk, with case and a nice map, etc. Plus the game has had almost infinitely more man hours spent on it.

MC is just too expensive for what it is - particularly what it's become/becoming and with sever software like Cuberite taking the load off, M$ is laughing at us!

So - a free (or cheap!) legitimate clone would be great - but it needs to support at least v1.8 so if anyone has tested them out and found one that a discerning user would be happy with (cough) not me (cough) that would be appreciated!
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