I think the title says everything.
what I want to have is basically craftbook ported to Lua. -Redstone is currently not possible-
thank you. possibly I will start doing it.

Craftbook: CraftBook I'd a plugin where you can place signs and they do special things, like teleporting you to the corresponding sign, (lift up and down), or building a bridge between signs (or, you have to build it and then you can use the sign to delete it, save the blocks in the sign and then you can create it.,.. there are many other possibilities...
see the wiki for details:
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Hello, and welcome to the forum Smile

It's currently not possible to do redstone stuff with plugins. You can't even get the power level of a block.

Also, some people have no idea what CraftBook is. You might want to add a link, or give a detailed description of what it does.
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A detailed description is always better than a link. I won't be installing Bukkit with some mods just to find out what a request is about. Also the description gives us the idea about what the exact wanted functionality is.
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