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Sure, no objection here.
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Is that the 23rd? Should be okay
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I would like to use jitsi-meet for communication. Any objections? Any other ideas?
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I've never heard of it, but then again. I've never done anything like this before ^^

I also just realized it's right after the release of Star Trek Beyond. I believe we're not going to it immediately, but we were planning on going. I want to make sure first that I can actually go to the hackathon.

I have a slight headache and haven't slept properly for days. If this post doesn't make sense to you I don't blame you. It took me way to long to come up with it.
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Tomorrow is the big day Smile I hope, everyone is still interested. I still feel a little bit sick but I guess I'll be fine
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I'll be there Smile
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The hackathon will be starting in one hour. Yay!Big Grin
As I said, we'll be using jitsi for communication: https://meet.jit.si/CuberiteLobbyHackathon
I would like everyone attending the hackathon to have at least a working microphone
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Only 3 more minutes guys! Smile
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Results from the hackathon: For now, no code, but we did get a few things done:

Results from a chaospad:
- The LobbyAPI plugin creates a minigame folder for minigames on startup in the root of the server
- The minigame plugins in this folder are loaded on startup if the folder already exists
- The Admin has to create a seperate world for the LobbyAPI to manage all the arenas
- The Admin can create "Rooms" of each minigame by creating a sign with a specific syntax
Line1: [Lobby]
Line2: [NameOfGame]

-- Game Timers
First Timer -> Time for players to join the game
Second Timer -> No players can join the game, players can join teams
Third Timer -> Game is about to start
Fourth timer -> deadline/time until the game ends

-- The API works by expanding upon a baseclass similar as described here: https://forum.cuberite.org/thread-2240-post-23788.html#pid23788

-- How events are handled
BaseClass = {

-- The child class can override functions from the base class including events and can call the default behavior if desired.
ChildClass = {
   function OnSomeEvent()
       -- Other logic

-- How are teams initialized
-- If teamsEnabled is false all players are on their own.
-- else teams is an array of objects containing information about the teams.
function InitializeTeams(teamsEnabled, teams, assignPlayerRandomlyOnJoin)

-- Initialize with teams enabled
InitializeTeams(true, {
           visible = true,
           worldInteraction = true,
           color = "blue"
           name = "SUPER TEAM!"

-- Initialize without teams enabled

We were also working with a mindmap: https://www.mindmeister.com/maps/show/732187302#
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Sorry I couldn't make it in the end.
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