Gravityhurts --powered by Cuberite Whitelist Server
*Updated* with more links to the new plugins.
*Updated* with links to the plugins.

Hello All,

I am setting up a white-list Gravityhurts --powered by Cuberite server :

This is a shared server so the default port is for something else, make sure to change the port.

The hope is turn this into a public plugin showcase server. Showing the power that Cuberite brings to the scene, and its ability to handle anything thrown at it.

Currently the server is far from the above statement, but with time this to shall pass.

The server currently has the following plugin's.

Core by FakeTruth

TransAPI by Alexander Harkness

ChatLog by [MCServer Developers]

WorldEdit By NiLSPACE

Essentials BETA By tonibm19

ProtectionAreas by xoft

CuberitePlugin-BungeeButtons [BETA] by Zee1234

cubirate-plugin-antiflood by DrMasik

SkyBlock v3 by Seadragon91

MagicCarpet - (Could not find any information on this one)

ChunkWorx by Taugeshtu

DiamondMover by xoft

PreciousBlocks by NiLSPACE

PaintBall by NiLSPACE

PluginMemory by xoft

webpermissions by JonnyBoy0719

PerfPages by xoft

PM me for whitelist add.


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