Making plugins (no hates)
I know you are blaring out me "HAHAHA you don't read! U r a newbie!", your right. I am new. I just need some help with making a plugin for my friend (dannyboy06)'s server. I know only that java is basic, and it uses stuff like {} [] (), and minimal calculations. I just need some help when developing this plugin. I am trying to make a plugin which allowes you to do:
/tag set [tag] with color-codes

and then when you typed something in chat this would show:

[tag] CKcraft900: Hello

I dont want:

<[tag] CKcraft900> Hello

My name in MC is CKcraft900.

My server is
Not on 24/7, more like every once in a while.
I know I use a noob website
But i don't really care

system.printOut("I think this is java xD
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On the contrary, we are friendly to newbies. Welcome to the forum.

Firstly, Cuberite Plugins are developed in Lua, not Java.
Secondly, your post is unclear. What do you need?
  • If you want to learn how to develop Lua plugins see the API Docs.
  • If you want someone to write this plugin for you, this should have been posted in the Plugin Requests section.
  • If you are writing the plugin yourself and are having a specific coding problem, please describe it.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

You could use my Chatter plugin and hook into it with your own plugin.

For example, if I set the prefix (poorly named, should be Template) to

and you tell the plugin to replace {TAG} with whatever you want then it would show up like this:

MyCustomTag NiLSPACE: This is a test
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