MinePi2 - a testing survival server
The server address is www.minepi2.freeddns.org

It's a simple daily updated survival server with nearly default settings on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Server infos:
- The server updates itself every day at 6 am (current commit will displayed in motd).
- There is no world border. Because of disk space limitations (32 GB) the server will warn all players if free disk space going under 20%. The Server will shut down if it's under 10%.
- No Mojang authentication.
- Max Players: 10
- View Distance: 10
- Enderman are disabled.
- If the server crashes it will provide the whole server directory on www.minepi2.freeddns.org:8080. There is the "crash.txt" from gdb and a complete screen output file "screenlog.0" as well as the core dump.
- Every player has permission to teleport, change gamemode and stop the server.
- If a player issue a stop command the server will handle it like a crash, provide files and restart.

It's running a while unused but feel free to use it for playing or performance testing.
Have fun! Big Grin

Server is stuck in a crash-loop. I'm not able to get it to work again, so this server is offline.
Besides there's another usage for my RasPi now Smile
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When it comes to testing, bug reports would be very useful. Have you thought about automated core-dump catching, post mortem analysis (automated) and a webserver serving these files? Then you could use the github api to create an issue containing all these informations? (I know this could be rather difficult, just one thing: if you try implementing this, try the issue generation on a fork of the project)
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I really thought about that. At least providing current log and core dump in case of a crash, but I don't thought that someone will be interested. Do you mean automated issue generation? I think that causes much unnecessary issues.
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I've been thinking of automating stacktrace reports (These are often very useful), I haven't got around implementing that yet.
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The server provides now logs, coredump, etc. in case of crash, they will be accessable over the webadmin guest site. The site will be available on the default port - www.minepi2.freeddns.org:8080 (I still have to set up port forwarding, so it wont work right now)
I dont know how it affects performance that the server now always run in gdb, but it issues commands like on https://forum.cuberite.org/thread-631.html descripted.
There is the crash.txt from gdb and a complete screen output file screenlog.0 as well as the core dump. The whole server directory will be downloadable (except worlds, my own scripts, webadmin and webadmin.ini) as tar.gz.
I've granted teleport and change gamemode permisson for every player.

Do someone know how to crash cuberite right now? Would help a lot to test current configuration.

That was a funny little projectBig Grin
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Well here is a way to crash the server Big Grin

Create a plugin or add this code for example into the file Plugins/Core/main.lua under line (93):
local area = cBlockArea()
area:Create(10, 10, 10)
for i = 10, 1000 do
area:SetBlockType(i, i, i, 1)

This will create a block area with x = y = z = 10, with the for loop we write out-of-bounds. This should crash the server directly at startup, if not change the number 1000 to a bigger number.
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A 5 steps tutorial of how to crash it! Awesome, that there is always a known possibility of crashing it!

Besides: awesome news, these crash reports!
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Okay this is shorter, here a one-liner Big Grin
Create a plugin or add this line for example into the file Plugins/Core/main.lua under line (93):
tolua.cast(cRoot:Get(), ":)")

Edit: cRoot:Get() is better, is accessible from everywhere in lua code.
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updated server information
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